We solve problems and help perform better, think faster and live better.
Collaborative solution architects, we use digital technology to improve business performance.

We start by developing a shared understanding - we uncover your goals and desired outcomes and you learn the possible and practical of the digital landscape.

02Validated Learning Loop
We build the solution, carry out rigorous real-world testing, measure use and performance, then take what we learn to pivot or persevere, constantly adapting and evolving.
The Minimum Viable Product is ready to use, and the Build - Measure - Learn loop remains in play to continuously improve and refine the product or solution.

We work with you, as part of your team

Our digital and tech solutions studio is lean and agile. We move quickly and focus on what needs to be done - we believe in doing good work and presenting it well, so we don’t waste time where it doesn’t serve your end goal.

We understand the challenges faced in both daily operations and meeting compliance obligations so work on solutions to ease both. Every business and the problem they present to us is different, so we approach each with an open mind. Platform agnostic, we find the best tool for your project while drawing on our previous experience.

With experience in mechatronics, software development and IoT, and backgrounds in project management, marketing, design and organisational development, our network of collaborators provide a diverse skillset we can draw on as needed. We bring the right people on for each project and efficiently manage it to completion.

Our work


We solve problems, making business easier and more efficient.

Our Capabilities

We’re ready to work with you to build a digital solution to improve your business.


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We work with businesses all over New Zealand to ease compliance and improve business efficiency

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